Engineering and Manufacturing

Over the years, we have gained hands on experience in a range of engineering and manufacturing businesses. In particular, we can assist in the management of machinery and work equipment risks, workplace transport, substance hazards including flammable liquids and gases, lifting equipment, pressure systems and metal working risks.

We have approaches to risk assessment which can make it a simple part of daily life, with positive outcomes for the business. We apply high standards, but always remember the “reasonably practicable” test.

Production is vital to the bottom line. Good health and safety standards can contribute to production, and trim costs. As part of your trusted team, our input can save unnecessary losses and disruption. In the manufacturing area, we have experience of sectors ranging from food production to concrete products, and also including carpentry and joinery.  Woodworking machines and wood dust have their own challenges.  In the food sector, Helen’s experience in the industry means that integrating health and safety with food hygiene and quality are natural considerations.

Health surveillance is often a requirement in engineering and manufacturing businesses, and although we do not carry this out, we can liaise with health services and set up policies and surveillance programmes for you.

Need a Health and Safety Consultant?

Do you need help with your Health and Safety Plan? Our experienced team can help.