Monitoring of health and safety management outcomes is vital. With nothing other than measurement and feedback on standards achieved, continuing forward progress would result. No system can be without a means of measuring and reporting on its success. We will therefore build in agreed monitoring systems to all policy work.

Where required, we will carry out regular monitoring – ideal for multi site businesses. We visit each site or team on a rolling programme, assessing and grading the success of the site or team in the implementation of the organisation’s systems. At the same time, we work with the manager to see how further progress can be achieved, and advise and mentor, also helping to resolve any issues particular to the site.

Management gets a brief report, graded for each system covered, with advice and praise for the manager. An action plan helps to point the way forward, with clear priorities assigned. As well as a management overview for various sites, this also allows senior management to identify corporate themes or weaknesses that need addressing.

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