Agricultural Health and Safety Consultants – Farm Risk Assessments

Health and safety on farms is exceptionally important as agriculture remains one of the UK’s most dangerous industries – with 30 fatalities in 2016-2017. This is 18 times higher than the industry average across the UK.

As a result, it is important to conduct regular health and safety audits and farm risk assessments on your property to minimise risks and identify any potential hazards. Contact Us Today to discuss your requirements or read more below.

Our Experience

At Safety Wise, we have a background in farming with a family farm of our own. This makes us perfectly placed to understand the risks and hazards of a working farm and the best approaches to manageable, rather than paper pushing, health and safety policies.

Our Services

We cover agricultural holdings, both stock and arable, horticultural business, and equestrian establishments. We can also cover most farm diversification enterprises, including holiday lets, visitor attractions, sale of machinery and agricultural contracting and energy from waste.

Farm Risk Assessments

Our farm risk assessments provide you with a clear, concise breakdown of any potential hazards at your farm and the measures that can be put in place to mitigate or minimise risks.

We have a clear understanding of the myriad of risks and legislation surrounding farm properties and are aware of environmental, biosecurity and other legislative considerations.

One of the characteristics of the sector is diversity, with problems ranging from the safety of holiday cottages or visitor attractions to precautions around footpaths, fertilisers and pesticides, food storage and packaging, heavy plant and not forgetting the bull.

Our food safety knowledge allows us to advise on food production and processing plants, including packing machinery and cold storage or altered atmosphere storage.

We can also advise on considerations in the employment of temporary labour, including caravans and the requirements applying to these.

We have experience in conducting fire risk assessments for the particular hazards of the agricultural sector. These take account of site issues such as grain dust, gases, storage of flammable liquids or biomass.

Practical and Legislative Considerations

There are a number of specific considerations within the agricultural sector and we have experience with all the specific legislative requirements and obligations.

There are often auditing systems in place, such as Red Tractor, and these impose particular requirements on your safety systems. We are used to these requirements, and can ensure that the systems put together for you are compliant.

Where temporary workers are employed, there are particular problems with ensuring the safety of caravans used to house them, and dealing with workers who do not speak or read English. Risk assessments are required, and safety communication may be pictorial rather than written.`

Paperwork should not be at the forefront, rather simple, practical systems which will support staff and visitors in staying safe. This approach also helps to keep costs down, which is always welcome.

Farms can be dangerous places, but a careful review of risks, and some simple safety measures, should protect all those involved, without detracting from the work to be done.

Contact us today for farm health and safety consultancy, for agricultural risk assessments or for any training or auditing requirements.

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