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Corona Virus Update for Employers

As an employer or senior manager, you will be taking the corona virus outbreak seriously, and you may be wondering if there are actions you should be taking.An employer has no duties under the Health and Safety law to employees in respect of corona virus,...

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HSE has recently altered the guidance on welding and welding fume, now making clear the requirement to control all welding fume, even that arising from welding mild steel.All welding fume is harmful to health, and it is now established that apart from...

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What?  The DSEAR Regulations date from 2002, but somehow seem to have escaped the attention of a surprising number of businesses.  And they apply widely, too.  The clumsy mnemonic stands for the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations. ...

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Traffic Management

Traffic ManagementHere’s a question for you.  What risk out of the whole range results in the most enforcement actions?  It applies at many if not most workplaces, it leads to a disproportionate number of serious accidents, and a lot of people have nothing...

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HarvestAll growers of crops need to harvest them, and for arable farmers and some others, harvest is weather dependent and within a tight window.  This often results in an unholy combination of lots of inexperienced workers, use of heavy and infrequently...

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MachineryCompanies which operate machinery are likely to have a keen concern for machinery safety and guarding.  This will be a preoccupation for most engineering firms, but is also of importance in other sectors, notably agriculture and...

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Finding a health and safety consultant

The internet is full of of companies offering health and safety advice. The majority of these are offering copy and paste from template forms that won’t cover your business backed up with lesser qualified advice.Don’t waste your money! Get the right,...

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Alcohol and Drugs

Not a problem for us.  Are you sure?  You probably forbid the use of alcohol and drugs while people are at work.  If you are in a high risk sector, you may back this up with random blood tests.  If this is something important for you, you must have it...

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About SafetyWise

SafetyWise is based in a village in Somerset, although you may struggle to find it on a map. Don’t worry, we come to you, and our transport networks are good, with main line rail links to London and the north, Bristol airport, and major roads all at hand.

You would expect us to have good health and safety policies, and a simple but effective approach to risk assessment! What we also have are policies on equality and diversity, and environmental matters. We have a strong commitment to valuing people, which is reflected in our own organisation and in our approach to client organisations.



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