Catering and Hospitality – Fire and Food Safety

Catering and Hospitality – Fire and Food Safety

Pubs, restaurants, guest houses and hotels have particular responsibilities for the safety of their guests, as well as their staff.

Fire safety is a top priority, and we can help here with our fire risk assessment and fire safety management services.  These buildings may be old, sometimes of historic value, so it is useful to have them assessed in a sympathetic way.  Fire signage and extinguishers are not beautiful, but they must be provided.  There again, have you talked to staff about action in the event of fire?  Who would ensure the safety of your guests?  This may need some careful thinking through.

We worked with one pub whose landlord was particularly concerned about the safety of staff sleeping on the upper floor.  His solution was to ensure that, every six months, they practised jumping out of the window.  Fortunately there was a soft landing in the flower bed.

Fire is not the only concern.  Food safety and hygiene are of importance, then there are chemicals used for cleaning, gas bottles, handling of barrels and crates and of course, the good old slips, trips and bumps.  One of the problems for these establishments is the fairly high risk of being caught with a claim for compensation following an injury to a guest – often a child.  Have you got anything in place for your playground?  Yes, there are requirements, simple to meet, but vital to defending an injury claim.

We have experience of the sector and a good understanding both of the requirements on providers, and of the best and most cost effective ways of complying with these.

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