Consultancy & ‘Competent’ Person

Consultancy & “Competent Person”

For an organisation for whom we do a single day’s work or more in the year, that organisation can quote us as their health and safety consultant. This entitles people within the organisation to ask advice, by phone or email, which is provided without charge. We will also review and comment on documentation. At the point at which the work requested becomes chargeable, we always seek agreement before proceeding.

Organisations must appoint a “competent person” in health and safety, to advise the organisation and their management. We are naturally involved in this role for our clients. Unless there is a particularly close relationship and we are on site very regularly, we advise that an in house senior manager is nominated as competent person. We will then support that person in the role, and provide training if desired.

For our clients, we offer a quick response to any accident or incident of concern, and will investigate and report fully.

We also provide an updating service for all clients on relevant legal changes and recent accidents or prosecutions. We only give you information relevant to your business – no generic newsletters.

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