Event Risk Assessment

Events and Attractions – event risk assessment

If you are inviting the public on site, you have heavy obligations to protect them.

These obligations may be strongly enforced by regulatory authorities and by insurers. Your day job is not detailed risk assessments!  Let us take some of the workload.  Drawing up event risk assessments and event plans is something we have regularly done, and we also work with permanent attractions.

Claims are a concern, and the associated publicity can be harmful to your reputation.  One animal charity had an unexpected problem when a horse of theirs leant over a gate and bit a passing child on the top of his head.  Good investigation of an incident such as this will be necessary for yours insurers, and possibly regulators too.

We can work with you to fulfil the requirements on you in a way which supports your aims. Good health and safety should not detract from the visitor experience in any way.  It may even support it, as visitors feel more comfortable if they are confident that they and their families are not being put at risk.

Thinking ahead, and making realistic plans for first aid, accidents, fires and similar problems should be incorporated seamlessly in the operation, and we can help you to achieve this, and to demonstrate it when required.

Any event or attraction where children are amongst the target audience must meet particular responsibilities for safeguarding.  We also need to consider the foreseeable needs of older people, those with disabilities and health problems, and of course anyone who has an accident or falls ill on your watch.  Are your first aid provisions thought through?

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