Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

At Safety Wise, we provide fire risk assessments across Somerset and the south west. Fire risk assessment is very important to anyone with a business, communal housing or properties. Our fire risk assessment system is thorough and detailed, and is fully adapted for the particular needs of individual sectors.

We have approaches for use in workplaces, general needs properties, sheltered and supported housing and residential homes. The assessment produced is therefore fully relevant for the building and its use.

The detailed report, with photographs, includes clear rating of risks, commentary on essential features such as building fire protection and fire precautions, travel distances etc, and also a full and clearly prioritised action plan. Our approach has been commended by the Fire Authorities, and includes full consideration of the building users, their needs and any vulnerabilities.

Our Fire Risk Assessments Cover:

Identifying Potential Fire Hazards at Your Premises

We will analyse your premises to identify potential risk areas – including sources of ignition, fuel and oxygen. This enables us to identify fire safety equipment, procedures and policies that need to be in place for your premises.

Identifying Persons at Risk at Your Premises

We will document the groups of people who are at risk at your premises. This includes “at risk” groups such as children, disabled individuals or the elderly. It also covers individuals working in isolation or in hazardous areas. This enables us to identify the specific procedures that need to be put in place for individuals at your location.

Policy and Procedure Analysis and Recommendations

We will evaluate your current policies and procedures and document recommendations designed to reduce risk, meet all legal obligations and protect people and property at your location.

Fire Safety Equipment Suitability

We will record your equipment, it’s servicing and assess its suitability for your premises. If equipment is deemed unsuitable we will recommend new equipment and facilities you require.

Training and Record Keeping

We will analyse your current training and fire safety management record keeping identifying potential pitfalls and any gaps in documentation. This allows us to develop holistic training and record keeping policies for your premises.

We offer a bespoke fire risk assessment service across Somerset and the south west. With over 30 years of experience serving a variety of industries we provide a personal, professional and effective service.

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