Risk Assessment

The good thing about risk assessment is the freedom it offers you to choose how you manage risk. The downside tends to be that the requirements are wide and general, and difficult to interpret for a given organisation. Part of our work is to establish your systems for risk assessment – who assesses what, when and how? And of course, how do we know it is working and effective? We have a great deal of experience at designing risk assessment systems for the sectors we work in. We can make it work for you too. My best moments are talking to managers, looking back on a couple of years of steady risk assessment development work. My question: “Was it worth it?” and the answer, “Oh, yes, I’m really glad we’re doing it”.

Sometimes, risk assessment requirements are more technical, and there may be nobody in-house with the know how – or the kit. We regularly carry out fire, noise, vibration, computer workstation, machinery and hazardous substance assessments, reporting fully and helping to implement the risk assessment findings.

We encourage clients to own and be fully involved in their risk assessments, and see our job as supporting the process. Training alone won’t work, but training combined with individual mentoring of managers until they are confident, with clear reporting on standards reached, has always worked so far.

We carry out the following list of risk assessments:

  • Premises risk assessment
  • Task and Activity risk assessment
  • General organisational risk assessment
  • Noise survey and assessment
  • Vibration survey and assessment
  • Computer workstation risk assessment
  • Machinery and work equipment risk assessment
  • Work at Height risk assessment
  • Infection risks
  • Manual Handling risk assessment

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