Small Business Health and Safety Consultancy

As a small business ourselves, we can understand and sympathise with the challenges facing other businesses.

At Safety Wise we provide a complete health and safety consultancy service for small businesses – whether you need risk assessments, fire safety audits or manual handling training we can provide for all your health and safety requirements.

Our Services Include

Health and Safety Audits

We provide effective health and safety audits with practical guidance on minimising the risks to your small business. Our audits are designed to help you meet legal obligations and protect your staff without drastically increasing your management time and running costs. We prefer practical and actionable recommendations.

Fire Risk Assessments

We provide risk assessments for businesses needing to understand their fire hazards, ensure adequate monitoring and training is in place and protect their premises. Our fire risk assessments monitor your fire safety training, your equipment, your policies and your record keeping to give you a complete picture of your needs.

Health and Safety Training

We can provide health and safety training specifically aimed at your small business. We provide full and half day training sessions that provide all the training you would need. This may include general health and safety training, work at heights training, tools and equipment based training, competent person training, manual handling and whatever else may apply to your business. Our training services are tailored to your needs rather than standardised – making them much better value for money.

Safety Management System Development

Record keeping and training are two of the most important facets to managing health and safety issues and legal obligations at your small business. We can help you develop and implement safety management systems and record keeping systems to minimise risks to staff and potential legal risks.

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Our Experience

We work with all sectors, and have much experience of small office based businesses. Workshops, warehouses and industrial units are also covered. Offices are not generally high risk, but the risks, rather than break your leg or kill you, are insidious risks to health which result in workers feeling less wellbeing at the end of the day than the beginning. Risks include stress, fatigue, fire, musculoskeletal problems, slips and trips and sedentary work. We can help you put solutions in place which will maximise productivity and staff welfare without being unwieldy and complicated to manage.

We can support you with computer workstation risk assessments, and ensure this process achieves added value for you and your staff. There are different ways to approach this requirement, and we will help you to determine whether you would like us to assess, train in house assessors for you or buy in software for users to self assess. There are advantages and disadvantages to these approaches, and we will help you determine the best way forward.

You probably use contractors for building and grounds maintenance, and here you are outsourcing the work but not the risk. There are obligations on you to ensure that contractors work safely, and without much knowledge of their work, you may not be well placed to ensure this. There are approaches which will help you to discharge your legal duties in a simple practical way.

For some organisations, staff travel is actually the most likely way a staff member could be injured or killed. Driving is one of the more dangerous things we do at work. If you haven’t considered this area, we will be able to advise. Are your drivers encouraged to drive safely or do they have back to back meeting fifty miles apart?

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