Social Care

We work with a number of providers of social care, often voluntary organisations or housing providers.

Over many years experience, we have developed a good understanding of the particular needs of vulnerable clients, and the effects of vulnerable and chaotic service users on an organisation’s risk profile.

We are flexible and non prescriptive in approach, and always ready to innovate with unusual problems.

Residential homes need to be run for the benefit of residents, but ensuring their safety as well as their health is a key requirement.  This means simple, unobtrusive safety management, with fire procedures always at the forefront.  Can your night shift ensure the safety of all residents in the case of fire or other emergency?  Have these scenarios been considered and discussed?  That propped fire door might mean rapid spread of fire, and staff must understand this.

The regulators will check that your systems are in place, but we are better situated to ensure that they are suitable and sufficient, and will work in practice.  With our support, inspections and audits could be of less concern.

Need a Health and Safety Consultant?

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