Social Housing

Housing is a core part of our business, and has been for many years. We are very successful in the sector, and retain many clients for long periods. Over the years, we have worked with nearly a hundred different social housing providers, from ALMOs and large groups to organisations running a handful of almshouses, from new start LVSTs to specialist residential and sheltered housing providers. Part of our remit is to support the direct team, if employed, and if not, to have appropriate input into contractor management.

We have a particular interest in the housing and support of vulnerable groups, and we therefore work extensively with housing providers for the homeless, those with disabilities, older people and those with mental health or substance misuse needs. We have much experience at supporting staff working in these settings, and also in ensuring safe homes for people with particular needs.

The home provided is crucial to the safety of the resident, and the biggest risks for a housing provider are usually around buildings. We have accumulated much expertise in the management of risks from gas, electricity, asbestos, legionella, lifting equipment etc. Fire risk assessment is a major part of our work.

We can also advise competently on refurbishment and development work, as well as day to day maintenance and repairs.