Utilities and Energy Audits

We have a good understanding of the work of utility companies, including energy suppliers and renewables. Environmental as well as health and safety qualifications allow Helen to advise on the overall risk of a site or operation.

An excellent knowledge of CDM ensures that legal compliance is achieved. Helen is used to liaising with specialist staff with safety responsibilities, such as engineers.

Once the site systems are agreed and established, there will be an ongoing monitoring role, with clear practical reporting. Attendance at site meetings is usually expected. We can provide continuous site cover if required.

Have you thought of having a CDM audit?  This checks your compliance with all aspects of CDM, from the quality of the RAMS through to their practical application, covering any weakness in documentation or systems as well as picking up the non conformances in practice which can undermine the best paperwork.  These audits are weighted, with major and minor defects identified, and limits placed on the time allowed to correct these.  They are a very good tool with which to monitor a number of sites across an area.

With an HV Electrical Engineer available, we can also make a practical contribution on site, with a full understanding of concepts such as safety distance and phase.  This allows our input to be specialist to the sector, rather than just a tick list of common health and safety problems.

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