Clarification has been given on ensuring the welfare of visiting drivers.  This follows reports from drivers that some employers have denied them access to the premises for welfare purposes.  It is now emphatically clear that drivers vising a site must be able to use the toilet and wash their hands, and that they must be supported in social distancing whilst doing so.

Where regular deliveries are made, and at the larger warehouses, it is usual for visiting drivers to have their own facilities, usually including a rest room as well as welfare facilities.  Where this is in place, it is a matter of making sure that crowding does not occur, and that routes to and from destinations are kept separate so that people do not come close.

At smaller sites, it may be a matter of making staff facilities available to drivers.  Where possible, it is better to designate facilities just for drivers, but if they must share with staff, thought should be given to ensuring separation and good cleaning routines.  If there is no suitable area for drivers to wait, they may be better off waiting in their cabs.  This has generally been discouraged as it raises the risk of drive away accidents, but if properly managed, may be a solution.

This new clarification will present a challenge for some smaller workplaces, but the challenge must be met.  Drivers, who are often on the road for long hours, must have access to welfare facilities at every stop they make.