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Safety Adviser Service

We now offer a new payment scheme allowing clients to pay monthly with our new Safety Adviser Service.  Spread your payments throughout the year!  To find out more Contact Us

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An audit is the opportunity to find whether your company is meeting requirements and also what might need to be done.

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Safety Management Systems & Policies

Clients also often ask for assistance in developing and documenting suitable safety management systems.

Risk Assessment

The good thing about risk assessment is due to the freedom it offers you to choose how you manage risk.

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessment is very important to our clients who own or manage buildings.


Generally, we provide training for our clients, rather than public courses.

Consultancy & “Competent Person”

For an organisation for whom we do a single day’s work or more in the year, that organisation can as a result quote us as their health and safety consultant.

Site Checks

We commonly carry out site checks for sectors including civil construction, utilities and renewables.

Accreditation Support

If your company needs accreditation by CHAS, SMAS, Safe Contractor or any of the other SSIP schemes, we can help.  We will complete the questionnaire with you, put your systems in place and ensure you are accepted as a result.

Choosing a Health and Safety Consultant

Choosing a health and safety consultant to support your business is a difficult decision.  First of all, how do you, as an outsider, make sense of different qualifications and accreditations?  How do these take account of experience in your sector?

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Excellence in Health and Safety,  Est. 1998

SafetyWise Ltd has been operating since 1998, and is based in Somerset.

We have developed considerable experience of our client sectors, and have also put together highly successful safety management systems for many organisations. Working across the UK, both on site with clients and their partners, and from our office. We have a special interest in small businesses in our local area.

What are we about?

We believe that as every organisation is unique, so the safety management systems which will work best for that organisation must also be unique. We develop and implement systems in close conjunction with clients, and we do not use any standard material, but create fully appropriate documentation at length for the client. This also means that we can build on in house strengths, so as to integrate the management of safety with other successful systems.

We don’t like paper

Systems are about what happens. Files of paperwork are of very limited value. Every word documented has a valid reason, hence our systems are only as detailed and complex as is actually necessary. We also communicate electronically.  Indeed, we will print out only on request.

We are not risk averse

Risk is part of running any business, and there is nothing wrong with risk. Our concern is to ensure that the risk is known and understood, correctly evaluated, and that any associated legal requirements are met. At that point – your decision, and we will not be urging risk averse approaches, but sensible management strategies.

Case Studies

Small Bricklaying Company

A small bricklaying contractor was finding that the Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) he was providing to…

Office Based Company

The company is fairly newly established, with operations overseas as well as in the UK…

Engineering Works

Where the risks are higher, more input is likely to be needed as a result. SafetyWise provide one day a week…

Public Sector Multi Site

It is hard to manage many remote sites effectively, especially when their overall activities are different between sites…